This is the best way to give back to our NRI Community and be proud of our heritage. Join the network of fast growing NRI community in North America, UK, Middle East and Australia.

NETWORKING through a wealth of expertise and knowledge of NRIs (non-Resident-Indians). As a member you will have an opportunity to serve on different committees to help form support groups for:

  1. Youth: Encourage and support their participation in the political arena to represent us, to participate in organizing community events/activities. Youth need guidance for higher education. Plan for youth social/recreational center where boys and girls can socialize with in their own groups.
  2.  Seniors: Organize senior tours, plan for senior homes and counseling services for those who are anxious about their relationships with the younger generation.
  3. Organize annual functions and seminars to honor the best and the brightest of our own community.
  4. News Media: Encourage involvement in NRI News Media and Live Video Hot Topics Panel with the help of NRI Entrepreneurs and NRI Leaders for press releases.
  5. Consultation Services panel for resolution of family disputes, divorce cases, and normal contracts.
  6. Encourage NRIs to be involved in local and India politics: We’ve seen NRIs rise in areas of business, technology, the arts, nonprofit organizations, and many other sectors. However, we also need to focus on making a difference in politics and public service.
  7. Referrals and positive word-of-mouth are the most effective ways to build a small business: Look for NRI leaders and NRI businesses that share the database of customers you are targeting.


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